The Importance of Being Earnest(ly) Healthy

Part 2: Gaining the essential knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle


A View Towards a Healthier You

The importance of eating healthy and a healthy lifestyle are invaluable information. Knowledge of the human body and knowledge of the foods in which people consume are two factors which will undeniably contribute to a healthier world.

Imagine living in a world where there are no health issues. Where everyone eats what they are supposed to and instead of picking up that Twinkie, they were to pick up an apple.  That apple is the goal in which everyone should aspire to, that is, at least in the eyes of one woman named Catherine Henderson. Dr. Henderson is a professor at Liberty University’s Center for Medical and Health Sciences, (LUCOM), teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses on health science. She received her Doctorate at Edinboro State University and her PHD at Penn State.

Dr. Henderson is a woman who strongly promotes a healthy lifestyle. Her desire is to teach students just how valuable natural foods are. The apple in which she wishes to aspire to is her health goal. Instead of putting junk food into the body, consume something that has health benefits. However Dr. Henderson understands that not everyone shares the same views on this all-natural and all organic lifestyle. So Dr. Henderson has taken it upon herself to individualize each approach she takes in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.  To begin, Dr. Henderson asks questions about the person’s diet to better understand how to target their health needs.

“Why do people eat what they eat? In order to understand where someone is coming from, it is important to know their food background” said Dr. Henderson.

Dr. Henderson explains it is very important not to be biased regarding peoples food choices. People have different opinions on foods, they have different budgets and different cravings. When trying to help someone choose the right foods, do not be judgmental towards their purchases, or otherwise that person will shut out the thought of changing. In remembrance of a time when trying to help someone shop healthy, Dr. Henderson recalled laughingly being too biased towards a friend who bought produce with pesticides whereas she herself bought organic.

“Thou shalt not judge thy neighbor’s shopping cart” said Dr. Henderson. “People are sensitive when it comes to their health because there is not many things you can have control over other than health.” said Dr. Henderson.

Understanding that every persons health is different is important. Although it is good to eat the right things, it is invaluable to know what the foods nutritional background is. Some important questions to ask are; where did this food come from? What ingredients have been added to it? And how can those ingredients affect the body. In order to answer those questions, it is important to learn the science behind food.

The science of eating has always been a fascinating one. There are so many facts which even scientists do not know such as; a person who consumes salmon is healthier than someone who takes an Omega-3 capsule.  Another fact is that Iodine is not naturally found in salt, it is an additive. In 1924 an epidemic of Goiter (an abnormal enlargement of the thyroid) was spreading rapidly throughout the United States. Scientists discovered that Iodine prevented Goiter, so they added Iodine to something which humans consumed on a daily basis, salt.

Most people do not know that there is a difference in consuming food in its natural state vs. consuming vitamins and supplements.  Supplements and vitamins are what scientists have proven to be in foods, they are what can be found within the food at this point in time.

However science has not discovered all of the health benefits within raw food, and therefore cannot put them into supplements and vitamins. All of those unknown ingredients and nutrients are missing in many people’s diets because they are not consuming the natural food, and are instead only consuming vitamins and supplements.

“There’s so much we don’t know about foods, whole foods are so much better than pills” said Dr. Henderson.

In life, not everything can be taken at face value, it’s important to know that just because a food looks healthy, doesn’t necessarily mean it is. In this short audio clip, Dr.Henderson explains what happens when cravings arrive.

If interested in learning some easy ways to switch up that diet to a healthier one, click on the link here for more information, then comment below to share what you learn.