Now Trending: Would You Like Some Coffee with That?

Since the 11th Century, the product called coffee has been an international sensation, addiction and personal savior for millions of people.

Legend has it that in 11th Century Ethiopia, a man by the name of Khaldi found his goats eating red berries off of a tree with white blossoms. Shortly afterwards he found them to be so energetic that they could not sleep.

The next day Khaldi took these berries to the abbot at the local monastery who then brewed the berries into a drink and consumed it. After drinking it the abbot was filled with energy that allowed him to stay up for long hours in the evening, allowing him to pray longer to God.

By the sixteenth century, countries such as Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey were the main source of coffee brewers and consumers. Coffee houses called qahveh khaneh”  were a great place for people to socialize.

In today’s coffee obsessed society, local Lynchburg Community Market vendors Tom and Kathryn Hayman know what it is like to have a true passion for coffee.

The Hayman’s own a shop called “Grains of Sense Artisan Coffee Roastery and Tea Gallery,” and have been roasting their own coffee at the market for the past two years.

“I’ve always had a passion for coffee ever since I was a boy, to see how people would gather together and relax all for the sake of coffee? If that’s what it takes to bring people together then I want to be a part of it!” said Tom.

All you can see is smiles while walking into the market, and each day you can go down and see Tom working hard, roasting pound by pound the coffee that he loves so much.

Tom’s passion is obvious, and his coffee is famous around Lynchburg for its:

– Quality Beans
– Smooth, flavorful coffees
– Attention to detail
– Broad selection of single origins, roast levels, special blends, espressos and flavors

So why is this so important? The answer is quite obvious; Lynchburg is a college town whose young population is thriving off of this deliciously caffeinated drink which comes in so many shapes, sizes, forms and flavors.

For centuries coffee has been known for its versatility of flavor which can be extracted and used in cakes, ice creams and many other items in order to add more flavor for peoples taste buds!

Contributing factors to the popularity of coffee:

  • Flavor
  • Versatility of flavor
  • Availability
  • Form of socializing

The only negative side to drinking coffee is something known as a caffeine addiction. With consumption of only one cup a day the consumer of coffee can become addicted.  However there is a positive side for such a thing as decaffeinated coffee exists.

Coffee is loved all over the world, and after research, data shows that it is most popular in European countries.

To see the future of coffee all one has to do is look back at its past, it always has and always will be popular, and that is perfectly fine with the world.

If addicted to coffee like the rest of the world (or at least Europe!) leave a comment below and talk about it!


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