Trending Now: Tourism in the Great State of Virginia


At the head of the department of tourism for Lynchburg Virginia, sits the unique and quirky Director Sergei Troubetzkoy. With a ready-to-serve attitude, he answers any questions thrown his way without any trouble at all. So welcome to Lynchburg!

Tourism is at the heart of every community, it has its busy seasons and slow seasons, the in-between seasons and the hopeful season that come ground hog, that little critter will bring forth an early spring because they are desperate for an influx of money season.

Taken from the Leisure Travel Profile to Virginia, recording household trips 50 miles+ from the 2014 FY (Fiscal Year) this information shows the primary reasons people visit Virginia.


For Lynchburg, it’s most popular months for tourism is between May-October. Why summer? Because most families are free to travel due to summer break and taking vacations. Why does it last through October? Because of fall foliage!

Fall foliage is a huge part of Virginia’s tourism thanks to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway. During autumn, the leaves turn a variety of bright colors: red, yellow, orange and brown, attracting the eye of many nature lovers.

Much to his delight Trobetzkoy explained two different trends that have been growing in the Lynchburg area in recent years:

“Young married couples, vacationing separately. Girl’s night out on the town and boys day on the golfing green. It’s really quite interesting, we never used to see this.” Said Trobetzkoy.

Another trend in the recent years has been grandparents traveling around with their grandchildren because the parents are too busy with work or other time consuming activities.

With summer coming into season, Lynchburg will be bustling with farmer markets, shops, music, festivals and everything a tourist could ever desire (minus the beach)!



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